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She thinks running is like getting drunk in reverse. With drinking, it feels great at first, but then you start feeling awful. With running, you feel awful first, but then, after you finish, you feel great. Running With The Kenyans- Adharanand Finn (via 1500m—runner)

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Such an awesome calorie scorcher and toner!! Try doing this for 2 minutes first!
This is okay form and good comments… Keep your grounded leg perpendicular to the ground so you get a better bridge. Hold your hands under your back so that your shoulder blades are flat on the ground. Only lift your leg up to your knee and no higher.
You’ve got to use it, the pain. Use it as fuel to move past the torment, to the light at the end of the tunnel. Thomas E. Sniegoski, Aerie and Reckoning  (via coxycat)

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Go fast then really slow and emphasized for a killer workout!

It’s all a mental game.
Thanks wysterium!!! You’re the best 👍 I’m trying! Morning workout tomorrow. Keep it up yourself(:
Welcome to the grind.


1 Hour Mix of Motivational Speeches and Power Music. Just listen to this during an hour long power run and let me tell you I am MOTIVATED AS HELL. 

thanks you I’ve been waiting for this my whole life

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Just did a great workout with my friend!!!

3 minutes burpees
Ab and arm circuit
15 min run

This is the kind of workout that used to kill me a couple months ago and today it was easy!! PROGRESSSSSS!!!

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Yes, exercise does get easier with time, but it will never be “easy.” If it were easy, it wouldn’t be exercise. You see, beyond just getting your body moving (which is great but will only get you so far), exercise has to challenge you. SparkPeople (via motiveweight)

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Perfect snack!