sometimes, even the best of us can benefit from simple tips. the fitness world isn’t all black and white for some of us!
Me in my natural habitat the other night!

Workout for tomorrow: 
10 minute bike intervals (3 on :30 off 3 on :30 off 3 on)
5 x 1 min plank with 15 sec rest
10 or 15 minute yoga sesh

Hua HIn Night Market finds: Grilled Corn of all different varieties and colours. Of course we got the multicoloured corn, which is a less sweet and deliciously chewy version of it’s relative, sweet corn. I watched the stallholder shucking fresh corn and putting it straight on the grill - no slathering of butter or sugar - and it was a strangely satisfying sight. A real question though: why does grilled corn taste so much better from street stalls than it ever does at home? 

What!!!! #grapes #heart #healthysnack
I’m scared of and awed at the person who had the patience to do this

Be honest.
Honest about your limitations, your goals, your actions and the people around you.
Be honest about the truths and lies that you tell yourself.
The reps and the weights, your skills and weaknesses.
Be honest about your injuries and how your body is feeling.
Be honest about your dreams and the actions required to make them come true.
Be honest about your fears and the actions it will take to make them go away.
Stop hiding behind an unwillingness to see what is actually there.
Do the work.
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great workout for arms, shoulders, back, and abs. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP YOUR ABS TIGHT SO YoU Don’T murder your back KTHanKS
workout at my boathouse with my friend tomorrow!! so excited/nervous to get on an erg ahhh
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